The safety shower trailer is a requirement for industrial sites working with acids and caustic fluids. The safety shower is designed to allow for a quick drench shower with a shower head and pump system allowing a minimum of 20 gallons of tepid water per minute for 15 minutes. This oil field safety shower can be easily moved from oil rig site to new drilling sites. Fresh water tank size of 300 gallons is standard in this safety shower trailer with an additional 200 gallons of fresh water available. The waste tanks size in this oil field trailer is 500 gallons. Hand washing sinks can also be added to the trailer floor plans. This decontamination shower trailer allows for a quick response to exposure to contaminants. Included is both a overhead shower and an eye washing shower for rapid respond to accidents. Additional features are available including generators and fuel tanks for generators. A winter package for the safety shower trailers allow for the trailer to be used during the extreme cold months in the oil fields.












Skid restrooms can be built in either single station skid restroom or a dual station restroom. Every well site skid restroom in
manufactured with a large waste holding tank and on board fresh water. Room heaters and tank heaters maintain a comfortable temperature even in the coldest climates. The skid bathroom is designed with a steel frame work with crane lift rings to allow the skid room to be lifted by forklift or by crane.
Additional custom skid structures for the oil fields are available or custom skid floor plans can be created to meet
your needs.



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